Before scaling up your business with investment proposal, keep your Intelectual Property secured and legal. Corporates have better chance of getting funded. From legal standing point of views, it secures the investors. Please check any government bodies you need.


Indonesian Agency for Creative Economic is the important key player to national creative economic growth. There are 16 subsectors of creative economic. One of the important roles is to be a catalyst and provide infrastructures to nurture sustainable innovation. Find out more


It is important to always protect the Intellectual Property of the products or the services you provided. In future, Intellectual Property can be financed and put as collateral. Find out how you can protect your brand. Find out more


As one of the biggest muslim’s majority countries, it is important to certified your product to HALAL regulation.  This will secure and eliminate doubts from end user to consume your product. Find out more


To certain products, certification from BPOM is mandatory. Sertification is needed to market your product, into modern channel, nation wide or internationally. Find out more


To maintain good governance and ensure the nation’s growth, find out how to legalize and document your tax properly. Find out more